Celebrating the people making hiring more human

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Now more than ever, people want to work for an organization that not only recognizes their value as talent, but supports their journey as humans.
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That’s why the businesses that thrive are those that prioritize the growth, well-being and security of their people. Because when we uplift each other to reach our highest potential, we have the power to achieve great things.

Putting people-first values into practice 

Every day the company is delivering something to keep us happy as people.

Mark Tortora
Recruiting Programs Lead at Squarespace
Photo of Mark Tortora
Photo of Eileen Gambardella

We allow people to choose for themselves what works best.

Eileen Gambardella
Senior Business Recruiter at SeatGeek

It’s not a clock-in, clock-out type of situation. I think we’re well past those days.

Jennifer Nickrenz
Talent Acquisition Partner at Taboola
Photo of Jennifer Nickrenz

People-first means not just saying ideas, but having your employees really feel it.

Jared Keesler
Talent Acquisition Partner at Tacombi
Photo of Jared Keesler
Photo of Bradley Ciné

When we continue to find new skills, it keeps our minds fresh to learn more.

Bradley Ciné
Associate Director, Sales Training at Movable Ink

See how you used Greenhouse to connect with every candidate

people celebrated starting a new adventure
times interviewees were given a chance to share their story
friends referred to a new opportunity 
employees went after their dream job (at the same organization)
new hires were onboarded early for a smooth transition
candidates equitably considered and scored
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Hear why today’s people-first companies trust Greenhouse

Photo of Jared Henrie
Since adopting Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, we’ve seen 70-80% time saved during the sourcing process and a 475% increase in prospects.”
Jared Henrie
Technical Recruiter at Casana
Photo of Kristen Quackenbush
Greenhouse enables us to assess overall levels of inclusion across our interview processes, as well as obtain insights for improvements where there are gaps – so we can achieve our vision for representation that matches the world around us.
Kristen Quackenbush
DEI Program Manager at Qualtrics
Image of Cat
We use data to understand pain points in our hiring, so we can take action to ensure that we’re building a diverse, equitable and inclusive business.”
Cat Symons
RecOps Lead at Wise
Photo of Nikos Metaxas
With Greenhouse, hiring has become smarter and much more efficient. We have a faster hiring processing time, better-informed decision-making and an overall improved hiring experience for both recruiters and candidates.”
Nikos Metaxas
Category Manager of IT Procurement at Wargaming Group
Photo of Amber Schwartz
With scorecards, we’ve been able to create a consistent and equitable interview process, leading to faster alignment and reducing the need to rescope the search mid-way through the process.”
Amber Schwartz
Director of Talent Acquisition at Salesloft
Photo of Stephanie Burrus
Greenhouse has helped us provide a strong candidate experience by personalizing every step, streamlining interviews and creating standardized questions, which lead to more equitable hiring decisions.”
Stephanie Burrus
Senior Manager of Business Recruiting at Glossier inc.
Image of Jared Henrie
Since adopting Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, we've seen 70-80% time saved during the sourcing process and a 475% increase in prospects.”
Jared Henrie
Technical Recruiter at Casana
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